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.Canada Travel Guide

CanadaFrom Banff to Baffin Island, from Tofino to Toronto, Canada is a exceptional country. Whether you’re a hard-core adrenaline junkie looking for a backcountry adventure, an explorer heading out on a large road trip, a city-lover hunting for cutting-edge culture & fine cuisine or a mix of all the above, Canada ticks all the boxes.Stretching five,500km (three,400 miles) from the Atlantic to the Yukon-Alaska border, the world’s second largest country boasts an astonishing diversity of landscapes: rugged, unspoilt shoreline abuts immense forests…[Read More]

.United States of America Travel Guide

America“Oh stunning, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain.” The beloved patriotic song “America the Beautiful” hints at a number of the country’s diverse, majestic landscape, which is definitely of lots of reasons to visit the US but there’s so lots of others.From its giant plains, snow-covered mountains, deep forests and unusual rock formations, to soaring skyscrapers and a thunderous cultural scene, the USA is a collage of extremes. Nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse…[Read More]

.Brazil Travel Guide


From the jungle calls of the Amazon to the thong-clad crowds of Copacabana beach, Brazil is an intoxicating mix of the giant, the bold and the pretty, perennially of the world’s favourite destinations.It’s also of the largest countries on the planet, with an awesome array of treasures to match. Its giant shoreline is fringed with soft sands and island getaways; the Amazon Basin teems with an incomparable mass of flora and fauna; and the wetlands of the Pantanal, the largest on Earth, support a staggering diversity of wildlife…[Read More]

.Cuba Travel Guide


The largest and most populous island in the Caribbean, Cuba has been time warped by its socialist revolution of 1959, and that, combined with the decadence and corruption of earlier regimes has made it a sunshine isle of stark contrasts. Vintage American cars roar through the streets of Havana. Horses and carts carrying water and food stumble through the countryside. Graphic revolutionary insignia adorn walls yards from a decadent colonial palace. The enthralling capital Havana is the best example of this debauched luxury…[Read More]

.Mexico Travel Guide


As spicy as salsa, intoxicating as tequila and surreal as a Frida Kahlo canvas, Mexico fills the senses, energizes the intellect and nourishes the soul. This huge country encompasses epic landscapes; from northern deserts and snowy peaks of the central sierra, to the jungle highlands of southern Chiapas and the beaches of the Yucatán Peninsula.Pre-Colombian civilisations made their mark with the vast pyramids of Teotihuacán, stunning temples of Chichén Itzá and countless other archaeological wonders…[Read More]

.Argentina Travel Guide


Spirited Argentina, with its clamouring capital, vast pampas, rolling wine regions and snowy peaks, is a land bursting with adventure. It’s a place where the clichés hold true: football is essentially a religion, the beef is phenomenal and there’s little point even thinking about starting a proper night out before midnight. Its natural wonders range from Andean plateaux and Patagonian glaciers to subtropical waterfalls and wildlife-rich wetlands. There’s an awful lot to love.Buenos Aires might sit at the very edge…[Read More]

.Colombia Travel Guide


Since emerging from decades of civil unrest, Colombia has established itself as one of the world’s top destinations. And rightly so: this exquisite South American nation is blessed with natural beauty – think high Andean peaks, Caribbean beaches, pristine Amazon jungle – not to mention mysterious archaeological sites, colonial treasures and thriving cities. It’s a joy to travel around.At the heart of it all is Bogota, the pulsating capital. Once synonymous with drug cartels and gangs, the city has recast itself as one of South…[Read More]