Asia is that the world’s largest continent and maybe the one with the foremost diversity in its history and culture. Asia is home to several of the best mountain ranges and trekking areas of Himalaya, Karakorums, Pamirs and Hindu Kush Mountains, which provide exceptional mountain biking and rafting routes. The seas square measure adorned with coral reefs, dramatic coastlines and islands for various water sports. Explore this wizard continent with its mix of cultures, religions and other people.

Asia features a long history of a extremely developed culture, and as a result holds ample Wonders of the globe and unimaginable historic sites. Asia additionally offers mountain ranges, volcanoes, idyllic islands, flourishing cities and a range of cultures.

Highlights from Asia

  • The beautiful temples of Angkor Wat at sunset or sunrise
  • How far can you walk along The Great Wall of China
  • Walk Tokyo’s bustling streets of neon and tradition
  • Hong Kong’s skyscrapers
  • The backpackers hub of Bangkok
  • Visit the Buddhist monasteriesof Nepal
  • View or climb the magestic Himalayan Mountain Range
  • The Temple of Heaven in Beijing
  • See or visit Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan
  • View and hear the tales behind the Taj Mahal


Hints and Tips for Asia

  • Be warned that quite a few countries will charge visa-on-arrival (i.e. US$25 for Indonesia at the time of this writing) and also charge a departure tax (i.e. 150,000rp for Indonesia at the time of this writing).
  • Also be prepared to have an alternate means of payment as some budget airlines, such as Air Asia, sometimes do not accept US credit cards online.
  • Dress ranges from conservative to liberal, so it’s good to bring cool clothing for more modern, hot climates and longer sleeves and pants for religious temples and more conservative situations.
  • Harder to reach rural cities and islands may not have modern conveniences. Be prepared to say bye-bye to the internet, hot water, and flushing toilets in exchange for some amazing experiences.
  • Citizens of Malaysia and Singapore tend to speak fluent English, but this decreases as you venture to more rural areas. Japan can be difficult because everything is written in kanji and Chinese characters, so it may be a good idea to have an English copy of the subway system. China with its multiple dialects can be challenging, but the signage in the subway systems is written in both Chinese and English.