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.China Travel Guide

ChinaColossal, dizzying and fiercely foreign, China isn’t easily compared to anywhere else on the planet. Home to approximately one fifth of the human race, it variously dazzles, befuddles, frustrates and thrills. The key visitor attractions are renowned around the globe – think the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Terracotta Warriors – but it’s the sheer scale and off-kilter energy of the place that leave the most lasting impression.The economic drive of recent times means many of China’s cities are as shaped by modernity as anywhere…[Read More]

.Hong Kong&Macau Travel Guide

MacauSlipping more and more comfortably into its reputation as the “Vegas of the East,” Macau plays host to a dizzying array of large-scale casino resorts. Famously the world’s biggest gambling hub, it is one of two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China – the other being neighbouring Hong Kong.Steamy and gargantuan, Hong Kong has evolved into one of Asia’s most lovable cities. Its incredible skyline – part neon, part steel-and-glass, part towering hills – is one of the most majestic in the world…[Read More]

.Singapore Travel Guide


Cultural melting pot and dazzling example of the region’s economic successes, rich and dynamic Singapore assails the senses of the first time visitor.The former British trading post and colony has carved a unique niche for itself over the past couple of centuries, nowadays offering a vivid combination of ultra-modern skyscrapers, remnants of tropical rainforest, ambitious tourist developments, occasional reminders of the colonial period, and an assortment of vibrant ethnic urban areas such as Small India…[Read More]

.Japan Travel Guide


Japan is swathed in natural beauty, from the snow festivals and lavender farms of the northern isle of Hokkaido to the sun-drenched beaches and turquoise waters of the subtropical islands of Okinawa. Whether climbing volcanic Mount Fuji, wandering the pine forests of Mount Koya, taking in the springtime beauty of the sakura cherry blossoms or the spectacular maple leaves in the autumn, a journey to Japan is a wealth of unforgettable natural landscapes. In recent years, the powdery snow of Japan’s ski fields has also been…[Read More]

.Malaysia Travel Guide


With reefs & rainforests, mountains & minarets, skyscrapers & sampans, Malaysia definitely lives up to its slogan: ‘truly Asia.’ of the world’s great cultural melting pots, Malaysia is a nation where Chinese joss houses, Hindu temples & gold-domed mosques jostle for space with towering skyscrapers. The British one time presided over this fascinating sampling platter of Asian culture, leaving behind a legacy of hill stations, polo fields & high tea.In fact, Malaysia offers countries for the cost of one; Peninsular Malaysia…[Read More]

.North Korea Travel Guide

North Korea

Perhaps the world’s most insular, provocative & challenging country, North Korea is not very the archetype of an alluring holiday location. Yet increasingly foreigners are signing up for tours of the socialist state. The reason? There is basically nowhere else on Earth like it.North Korea – or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – is a totalitarian socialist state with an elaborate cult of character built around the Kim dynasty.Its isolation & beliefs means that independent travel is impossible. In lieu, there’s a selection foreign…[Read More]

.South Korea Travel Guide

South Korea

South Korea can come across as inscrutable at first glance. It’s a land of stark contrasts and wild contradictions; a place where tradition and technology are equally embraced; where skyscrapers loom over ancient temples; and where the frantic pace of life is offset by the serenity of nature. The country’s unique customs and etiquette can seem like a trap laid for foreigners, but arrive with a smile and a respectful attitude and you will be welcomed with open arms by some of the friendliest folk on the planet…[Read More]

.Saudi Arabia Travel Guide


No other country in the world is as misunderstood as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and perhaps no other country – rich with culture, heritage, and natural beauty – is as worthy of a visit. It is over a harsh desert (though the sands it does boast include the Empty Quarter, a pretty expanse of undulating dunes unlike anywhere in the world), it is a country with plenty of areas of pretty oases and dramatic mountain-tops, beaches and rivers.There’s also the untamed stretches of Red Sea coast in the west of the country…[Read More]

.Qatar Travel Guide


The eyes of the world are on Qatar right now. In forty years, this small Gulf state has been catapulted from of the poorest countries in the region, to the richest (per capita) in the world. Large natural gas and oil resources have brought large wealth to the Qatari population, and the country is developing at breakneck speed, with everything from universities to shopping malls, five-star hotels and footy stadia – in preparation for the 2022 World Cup – are springing up among the desert scenery. Qatar is much a city-state…[Read More]

.Oman Travel Guide


Camel treks, desert camping and 4-wheel drive safaris through mighty canyons are just some of the adventures awaiting visitors to Oman. From frankincense plantations and atmospheric souks that speak of vanished centuries to gleaming modern cities and 5-star hotels fronting on to perfect beaches, Oman is everything you would want from Arabia.What marks this desert kingdom out from its neighbours is a complex history of interaction with the outside world.From the ports of Muscat and Salahat, Omani traders roamed…[Read More]