Do More With Lower East Side in New York City

The Mecca of Manhattan has been linked to Times Square for quite sometime but that’s not really where you see the ‘real’ New York.

If you take some of the downtown trains from Times Square like the N or the R, or the B & D lines, you’ll find yourself in the lower east side. This neighborhood is full of life, culture, and an endless supply of beverages and cuisine.

It tends to get a little pricey, so depending on how much you spend on Airline Tickets, you should be able to indulge in the fun neighborhood of the lower east side. There are great bars like Max Fish, and there is even a great Spanish restaurant called El Sombrero. If you’re lucky you can get a margarita put into a coke cup with a straw and you can continue on your way embracing l.e.s.

So don’t waste your time being a tourist in the tourist trap known as Time Square.

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