Exodus: see you through the years

“It’s the Golden State: the Nile water flowing, the hot sun in the vast expanse of the yellow earth, long camel, with the flying sand, an ancient musical ensemble……” What charm does this land have in Egypt, which attracts travelers from all over the world to come here to make pilgrimage? Is it a long glorious history or a unique world? Is the Blue Nile Valley and the vast expanse of yellow desert? The cafe is smoking a hookah in Egypt or Arabia people warm smile, hidden in the black woman under the shining eyes? The continent’s northernmost magical nation covers and incorporates numerous conflicts and contradictions. Egypt may not have the luxury of Dubai, Turkey style, but this land can give people blood, from the foot of the two pieces of yellow sand, it began to leave in your heart hidden and glamorous brand. There are countless legends and endless wonderful, warm and friendly greetings and tough and happy souls. Shuttle in the pantheon of ancient Egypt and Pyramid, they also like through the millennium.

Before 2500, the Greek historian Ciro Dodd said: “I will write down the immensity of Egypt, because there is no great wonder which country has so many incredible.” After 2500, time did not reduce the extraordinary charm of ancient Egyptian civilization. Behind the splendid ancient Egyptian civilization, it reflects the unique world outlook, outlook on life and superb aesthetic standards of the ancient egyptians. They make the world’s amazing culture, art, architecture style, even religious belief like a pearl, shining in the land of Africa, and providing valuable reference for the world culture. Ancient Egyptian civilization The pinnacle of Architecture: Pyramid Pyramid is a window of the world that knows Egypt. It is the symbol of the heyday of ancient Egyptian civilization. If we came to Egypt, we would have never come to this country without seeing the landmark building. Pyramid The Pyramid inscription says, “the king’s spirit will rise to the kingdom of heaven.”. Build up a ladder for him, then to the sky.” Along the Pyramid side to the west, the building is like the sun shining onto the earth, Pyramid is the ladder of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt climb to heaven, it symbolizes the sky into the plain. In many Pyramid, the most famous is located on the plains of Giza three generations — Pyramid, Pyramid and Pyramid of Khufu, Khafre Pyramid the largest mycerinus, Khufu Pyramid is Pyramid’s representative. Pyramid Pyramid reach the acme of perfection architectural level and unique architectural art has no need to elaborate, after thousands of years of wind and rain, and the same, no wonder known as the eighth wonder of the world first. Pyramid Not far from the Pyramid group, the Sphinx, Steefan Kors squatting on the side, this giant “animal” by a piece of natural rock carved. In Greek mythology, Steefan Kors has wings and blocks the person who answers the questions at the intersection. For thousands of years, Steefan Kors, like Pyramid, has lived through the vicissitudes of life and has faithfully guarded the Holy land. Sphinx Treasures everywhere: Cairo Museum A man who has never seen Cairo is a man who has never seen the world.” Said in the one thousand and one night. Well, coming to Cairo without going to the Cairo Museum undoubtedly misses the essence of seeing the world tour. Cairo Museum | living creatures In the museum, every mummy has its own story, but not only the human body is made into a mummy. The ancient Egyptians believed that there were still souls after the death of the dead, and mummies were the path to immortality, including all kinds of animals. Crocodiles, dogs, falcons, baboons…… Tens of thousands of animals have been mummified and buried with dead people Out of fear of life, they were handled with great care, and even their hair was still visible If you want to spend an additional 100 Egyptian pounds will be able to enter the Royal mummies hall, with a great reputation in the history of the Egyptian pharaoh several, surrounded by hands, quietly lying in the coffin for public viewing in the beautiful. Mummy | colorful life The regularly flooded Nile River provided ancient Egypt with fertile land and fertile land. The museum displays colorful jewelry, essential oil, all kinds of literature and art, papyrus exquisite coffin, show that the Egyptians live in the enjoyment of life attitude. One of the most representative is zhenguanzhibao – Tutan Carmen (Tutankhamun) gold mask and coffin. Gold mask (picture from network) Is the Eighteenth Dynasty Pharaoh tutankhamun. In 1922 he was in the valley of the kings tomb was discovered, due to dig out more than 5000 pieces of precious objects from the tomb and shocked the world. The treasures of Tutankhamun’s gold mask in appearance build, weighing 11 kilograms of gold ruby, obsidian and quartz create eyes, forehead plastic are the symbol of divine Condor and protect the snake glasses. Golden coffin (picture from network) Tutankhamun’s gold coffin equally impressive, like a matryoshka doll which layers, the innermost layer of the coffin by pure gold, with masks of gorgeous mosaic decoration, weighing 110 kg. Expressive PAPYRUS PAINTING From the beginning of the pharaohs, a whole set of essential oils was produced | brilliant history In the hall there will be walking through the time illusion, by a statue or exhibits of ancient Egypt the dream Dynasty, feel the country civilization and charm in history. Khafre, builder of the great Pyramid of Giza in second, 10 Egyptian pounds on his portrait Noble Rahotep and his wife Two life sized limestone statues are still well preserved, with simple lines outlining the characters. In the light shining eyes, people have to praise this kind of work, actually from 4600 years ago. Goose paneling The murals, which were completed in about 2500 BC, still have bright colors, vivid realistic techniques, so that later generations can identify their species at once, and the precise symmetry structure corresponds to upper Egypt and lower egypt. Hu Fu miniature statue Hu Fu is the most famous and also the largest founder of Khufu, Pyramid, but the world can only be seen after the glass cabinet miniature Ivory statue of its style, a dramatic contrast. Hatshepsut This is Wu Zetian in ancient Egypt, the first female Pharaoh in Egyptian history. The supreme Pharaoh’s headdress and a false beard reveal his undoubted identity. Guardian of the tomb of Anubis A Nubies is in ancient Egyptian mythology


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