I Wish More Loyalty Programs Would Make Elites an Offer Like This One!

Total Rewards Diamond Credit Card Offer

Total Rewards Diamond Credit Card Offer

Hacking Las Vegas casino loyalty can be fun! Of course if you actually gamble then there are advanced techniques you can use to get comps and so much more, but even the non-gambler can do pretty well.

One example of that is with the Hyatt/Mlife partnership. By being a Hyatt elite, you can gain Mlife status. I have never found that partnership to be quite even and it is being devalued later this year, but it is better than nothing.

Total Rewards is Better

The other major casino loyalty program in Vegas is Total Rewards. Total Rewards is the Caesar’s Entertainment program and it encompasses 9 Vegas properties along with their casinos around the country. For the past couple of years Total Rewards has partnered with Founderscard to provide members with Diamond Status.

Right now the Founderscard/Total Rewards benefit is in limbo. According to the Founderscard site, they expect a deal soon, but as of now all Founderscard members have been reset to the status they actually earned. In my case it is the lowly “Gold” entry level status.

Another Way to Total Rewards Diamond

Thankfully if the deal falls through, I’ll have another way to get Diamond. Caesar’s Total Rewards just sent me a very clever offer for their co-branded credit card. (After $5K spend in 3 months.)

Total Rewards Diamond Credit Card Offer

And you know what, if for some reason Founderscard doesn’t come through, I think I’ll take them up on it. I covered my initial thoughts on Diamond status awhile back, but let me just summarize by saying it is quite valuable. So far this year I have received:

  • Access to Diamond Lounges with complimentary alcohol and food.
  • Several room comps.
  • No resort fees.
  • Priority valet parking and restaurant seating.
  • $100 dining credit.
  • 2 Free show tickets monthly. (We have also used these for the High Roller Wheel.)
  • And the best part is my family and I are going to spend 4 nights in Atlantis next week complimentary thanks to this status as well.

In other words, where do I sign up?


In my opinion Caesar’s is brilliant to make this offer. I don’t know how/if it makes financial sense for them to do this, but by getting you hooked on their credit card, they are making one last stab to keep your loyalty. Can you imagine if American gave a similar offer instead of trying to charge $1,749 to keep their often crappy elite status?

While I sincerely hope that I don’t have to get this credit card and that Founderscard makes this deal work, I’m glad to know I will have a way to keep this status another year. It has truly paid off for me and I don’t want to let it go.

I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated on the Founderscard/Total Rewards partnership. Do you wish that other companies would offer expiring elites a similar deal?

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