Icelandic Airlines Hospitality! Let employees act as free guides

Iceland air has provided stopover services since the 1960’s, allowing global travelers to land in Iceland on their way to Europe at a glance at the snow-covered, magical kingdom. Recently, they introduced a new experience economy service: Iceland air Stopover Buddy Service.

Icelandic Airlines believes its employees are the best guides, whether it’s going to the best Icelandic horse meat market, mountain biking through the snow-capped mountains, or studying wool dyeing. As of April 30, Icelandic arrivals on Icelandic Airlines are expected to receive an Icelandic flight crew as their day-long field guide to explore Iceland on topics such as adventure, food and nature. Whether the last partner is a flight attendant, pilot or Icelandic’s CEO, Birkir Holm Gudnason, there will be no extra charge.

Icelandic’s CEO, Birkir Holm Gudnason, is an outdoor enthusiast and you may be able to go skiing with him. “This project gives our passengers Icelandic feel like Icelandic people, providing them according to their interests and hobbies. Unique personal experience. ”

Icelandic airline stewardess Hj rdís Elma Jóhannsdóttir is a competent “cultural buddy” who loves weaving and skating, taking visitors to the Secret Lagoon for a bath and going to Borgarnes to learn how Icelanders treat organic plants with natural plants and insects as wool Agent, access to Thingvellir National Park for geological activities and the uniqueness of Iceland.

If you are passionate about food, follow a gourmet expert to take part in a traditional Icelandic cooking class and sample Kopar authentic codfish.

Visitors are increasingly disgusted with stereotyped attractions, but it is not easy for inexperienced travelers to entrust their trips to strangers. Iceland air makes it a good win-win for staff to act as tour guides.

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