Lufthansa AirlineCheckins universal online check-in service

Recently, the technology development department of Lufthansa Deutschland has introduced a new service that allows passengers to check in on any flight at a central location.

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Lufthansa Innovation Center (LIH) has developed a customer-facing Airline Checkins service where passengers from more than 100 airlines worldwide can check-in.

It is unclear which airlines are involved in the service and do not know if the companies are part of a group (because Lufthansa is a member of the Star Alliance), but Lufthansa said all are “medium and large airlines.”

The free system works by managing the passenger check-in request through the AirlineCheckins website.

Passengers either send or register booking confirmation information on the website, and once the airline’s system accepts the information (the website says “usually within one minute”), the website will automatically process passenger check-in automatically.

The system also includes seat selection, passengers can tell the system they prefer front, back, by the window or the aisle seat.

Once check-in is complete, AirlineCheckins will send the electronic boarding pass to passengers via mail, SMS or other channels.

LIH said:

“The online check-in is the same as the check-in check-in at the airport, but the advantage of the former is that once you arrive at the airport, you can go through the security check, go to the gate, scan the electronic boarding pass you sent to you before, or show it to you Staff can board the plane. “

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