The world’s latest private jet custom journey came! Crystal 1 is about to fly the first flight

In 1903, the engine powered by internal combustion engines made by the Wright Brothers made heaven come true. The dream of human beings was finally realized. Travelers were therefore “plugged in” to enjoy more remote and more comfortable travel experiences. For travelers, the cabin is no longer just a monotonous space on the road, but an important part of the travel experience.

As cruise travel and train travel are becoming more and more popular, the luxury travel experience created by means of vehicles becomes a new travel trend. Travel enterprises that are dedicated to providing users with more unique travel experiences are even more in the air .

Recently, Genting Hong Kong Limited (“Genting”) officially launched the newest member of Crystal Deluxe Airlines – “Crystal Skyline 1” and the world’s first “luxury Golden Week” private jet custom tour, hoping to the world’s largest newest, Private jets with the most spacious and comfortable spaces provide an unparalleled luxury for high-end travelers in the area who prefer private flights.

According to Phoenix Travel, in conjunction with the 11 Golden Week, the “Crystal Sky 1” launched by Genting will be the maiden voyage on September 30 to open the world’s first private tour of Golden Week Golden Week for 9 days The 8-night Essence Route will cross over the sea, air and land and lead Chinese high-end tourists and travel connoisseurs alike to enjoy a unique and unbridled journey from life-bound Kenya to Tahiti, the world’s last Eden. This reporter was informed that “Crystal Sky 1” maiden trip has opened worldwide recruitment, limited seats, only 86 passengers can become the world’s first batch of experience this new luxury holiday trip lucky.

Mr. Zhu Fuming, president of Genting Cruise Lines Group

Mr. Zhu Fuming, president of Genting Cruise Lines Group, told Phoenix Travel: “Once the Golden Week holiday has been well received by the market, travel connoisseurs in the region are very interested in this new journey. We are very pleased to have gathered such groups The world has a strong curiosity, passionate about travel, the pursuit of dignity and luxury and thus truly understand the value of this product customers, in order to make the selected markets in the region can take the lead in feeling ‘Crystal Sky 1’ will Brings unique luxury experience, the world’s first flight seats will be available for sale in all selected markets. ”

The world’s first private jet for luxury travel offers the ultimate in a wonderful air experience

Newly converted by the Boeing 777-200LR aircraft, the Crystal Sky 1 can accommodate up to 86 people. It is the world’s first private jet for luxury travel. It is made up of a professional Crystal Sky Butler team, capable of mastering up to 38 languages Service passengers, employees occupy the highest proportion of passengers in the industry. Phoenix Tourism learned from the press conference scene, “Crystal Skyline 1” will be officially delivered by Greenpoint Technologies in Washington on August 1, and held a naming ceremony within the month.

When asked about the experience on board the aircraft, Mr. Zhu Fuming, President of Genting Cruise Lines Group, said: “The launch of ‘Crystal Skyline 1’ is undoubtedly a new breakthrough in the luxury travel industry in Asia and the world and will take private jet travel to a whole new level. Currently, other companies operating private jet travel businesses in the industry usually adopt the mode of cooperation with third-party aircraft suppliers, while Crystal purchased its own new Boeing 777-200LR passenger jet this time with more autonomy in space design and facility modification Flexibility, committed to creating the most comfortable space for passengers to provide the ultimate flying experience. ”

It is understood that the 88 seats are equipped with ergonomic design of the reclining seats, passengers can also go to the lounge area, standing bars and other independent social space, stretch the body and mind. In addition, the executive chef will cook delicacies for the travelers. With the selection of wines from the crystal cellar at the sky, the machine will enjoy a wonderful journey through the sky.

Passengers seeking private space simply wear the specially prepared Bose® noise-canceling headphones from Crystal Sky 1 to meditate on the sound of air entertainment systems.

In addition to providing free wireless network and Apple iPad Tablet PC, passengers can also personal USB plug and power on the use of personal entertainment equipment. The facilities of Crystal Skyline 1 are all set to the highest standards of private jets and offer guests the comforts of home away from home.

Continuous flight 19 hours tandem ideal destination in your heart

It is reported that “Crystal Skyline 1” sustainable flight 19 hours, is the longest single row of passengers worldwide, which also means that it can maximize the passenger any desired destination in tandem.

Whether you are looking forward to the polar aurora and iceberg attractions, or to the ancient Colosseum lament the heavy weight of history, or want to Cape Town, one of the world’s leading wine producing various types of fine wines, or Take the world’s fastest roller coaster and race car at Ferrari theme park and Yas Marina Circuit. In the future, “Crystal Skyline 1” will provide chartered flights around the world to customize exclusive tours for high-end travelers worldwide.

Mr. Zhu Fuming, president of Genting Cruise Lines Group, said: “In China, there are quite a few affluent groups with private jets. However, a perfect trip can not do without a professional planning team. The world’s most awarded crystal brand is honored to win the trust of travelers. With a long history of accumulation of expertise, extensive expertise and renowned service quality in the industry, we provide travelers with a relaxing, all-inclusive, respectable holiday experience. ”

The first flight, “Crystal Sky 1” launched the “Golden Week tour,” is a trip across three continents, fly over half a globe, visit the stunning scenery of the Mainland and the beauty of the island beyond the bounds of the ultimate trip.

In Kenya, participants can visit the vast and magical Masai Mara National Wildlife Refuge, in close contact with Pegasus Africa, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, lions and cheetahs, among the vast African grasslands and scrublands, Or you can visit the maverick tribes of the Maori for their intimate contact with the “savage warriors” of the Masai people and admire their ancient mystery Ballads and dances, listen to the folklore handed down from generation to generation, enjoy the authentic native customs and unique cultural symbols.

At Bora Bora, the island known as “the world’s sexiest island” in Tahiti, participants can indulge in the boundless charm of this pearl on the South Pacific. In the early morning, the sunshine comes along with the wind blowing in the Pacific Ocean, you can immediately start to see the blue lagoon of Tiffany’s blue-green source of inspiration, enjoy the cascading blue scenery that can not be photographed by the camera Here you can also dive, dream encounter with manta rays, hammerheads, lemon sharks, blacktip reef sharks.

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