The world’s longest route or 18 hours will be opened flying record

Qatar Airways or to open a long route, direct flights from Doha, Qatar, Auckland, New Zealand, refresh the longest record of the current route.

Qatar Airways

Bloomberg said the airline’s chief executive, Akbar Becker, revealed the news in an interview. He said the route will be carried by Boeing 777-200LR aircraft. It is estimated that this route up to 14,500 kilometers, the flight time is about 18 hours and 34 minutes. Becker said Qatar Airways will also open a route from Doha to Santiago de Chile. The route is estimated to be 14,400 km in length and 18 hours and 25 minutes flight time.

The longest route in the world is Australia Australia Sydney to Australia Dallas with a range of 13,800 km. Qatar Airways if the two routes opened, will destroy the record of Qantas. Qatar Airways spokesman said it could not disclose any details of the new routes in the two plans.

Recently, many airlines have shown interest in long flights. Emirates said last year it plans to open Dubai in February this year, Panama City, Panama City route, the entire journey 13,800 kilometers, flight time 17 hours and 35 minutes. However, sailing time has been postponed to March. Singapore Airlines also plans to open in Singapore in 2018 to the United States New York route, voyage 15,300 kilometers. By then, the longest route record will be refreshed. Such a long route is really good for economy class travelers.

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