The world’s most expensive “airfare” 52 million US dollars to the International Space Station

Hollywood recently launched a series of space science fiction movies such as “Gravity”, “The Martian” and so on. Astronauts dazzled countless people by the wonderful experience of dark and cold. Soon, as long as enough knife ready, you can also be immersive.

Space Adventures, a US space travel company, recently launched a space travel program to board the International Space Station for $ 52 million. In 2017, they are also expected to launch a $ 150 million lunar month flight.

Visitors will take a trip to the ISS on a Soyuz spacecraft made in Russia. However, before departure, you must train Star City outside Moscow for up to a year. Train in exactly the same way as a professional astronaut, including how to drive a Soyuz spacecraft and how to perform extra-ship activities.

According to Dr. Anousheh Ansari who participated in space travel, boarding the ISS is a unique experience. In orbit around the earth, visitors will move 28000 kilometers an hour, and the distance to the earth will reach more than 400 kilometers. In addition to living in a gravity-free environment, you can also look down on the shiny golden earth from space. Since 2001 only eight international space tourists have entered this unique space station.

Space Adventure is not the only company that offers space travel services. SpaceX at Elon Musk routineizes space travel and is committed to playing an important role in the colonial Mars program (SpaceX successfully launched the new Falcon 9 FT on Dec. 22 and successfully recovered a first-class rocket after 10 minutes of launch, To achieve the success of the first orbital rocket in human history)

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is researching Blue Origin technology, hoping to make private space travel more affordable.

Another highly-watched company is Virgin Galactic, founded in 1999 by Sir Richard Brandson, founder of the British Virgin Group.

In 2005, Virgin Galactic partnered with Scaled Composites to develop astronautics and built SpaceShipTwo based on Scaled Composites’ SpaceShipOne. The spacecraft can take 6 passengers and 2 pilots, there is enough space inside to allow passengers to leave the seat, experience the environment without gravity. In addition, a spacious window design has been deliberately adopted so that passengers can better observe the earth and the universe from the inside.

Virgin Galactic also partnered with the government of New Mexico to establish SpacePort America as the space shuttle’s launch site. Tickets priced between 200,000 to 250,000 US dollars, the current booking number has more than 700 people, including many celebrities, such as the American Hollywood stars Ashton Kutcher, Leonardo DiCaprio and so on.

However, although Virgin Galactic’s plan is very good, but the reality is twists and turns. A serious explosion in a routine test in June 2007 killed three people, greatly slowing the development of the rocket engine. Following its first test flight in July 2010, the company’s space shuttle carried out its fourth power flight in 2014 to test for new fuels. As a result, the tragedy reoccurped and the rocket delivered it to high altitude. After the spacecraft exploded in mid-air, co-pilot Michael Alsbury died on the spot and driver Peter Siebold was injured.

The accident also aroused the reflection of many people: Is the technology at this stage really suitable for the commercial operation of space flight? Taxpayers in New Mexico have invested $ 250 million in SpacePort America, but so far no one passenger has been put in space. However, history has proved that people who can change the world are those who are not afraid to keep walking out of their comfort zone and challenge new fields.

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